LWS Boutique Collaboration

In collaboration with designer Lakiesha Stanley of LWS Boutique, NOHO HOME highlights two unique pillowcase creations designed with meaning and intention.


How it Works

"I believe that everyone has the power to initiate change, most importantly in the quiet corners of our hearts and then outwardly in our communities. It is with this intention I found myself thinking what could we at NOHO HOME do to add value to this movement towards understanding and change...

Now that I am manufacturing my own products, it is my honor and privilege to give another designer of color, and friend, a voice in this unique movement."


This design is rooted in Adinkra symbols and inspired by African proverbs.

"The Stool" represents pulling up a seat and taking the time to express yourself and have meaningful and important conversations.

The cross motifs are a symbol of performing unusual or impossible acts.

The color black represents the Black Lives Matter movement, and the color white represents wealth, spirituality, and purity.



This design is also rooted in Adinkra symbols.

The zigzag is a symbol of change and represents the forging of new paths and new directions.

The dual triangle shapes represent bravery and fearlessness, as displayed by warriors going to battle.


"Conversations" Square Pillowcase


"Change" Square Pillowcase


Lakiesha Stanley

Lakiesha Nicole Stanley is a spirited designer specializing in interior design, graphics, jewelry, and textiles.

A lover of bold colors and mixed media, Lakeisha combines her experiences growing up in North Carolina with her passion for fine arts to create unique and innovative spaces for the culturally conscious.

Lakiesha is the owner of LWS Boutique and LW Designs.


"Design is thought provoking and can provide context of history, and background. As designers, we have a responsibility to push for the equity of design in all aspects."

-- Lakeisha Nicole Stanley