Hālāwai Hawaiian Print In Blue Beige and Orange Colors

The Hālāwai Collection


      Embrace the Harmony of Hawaiian Horizons With Hālāwai

      Introducing the Hālāwai collection, inspired by the horizon and the meeting of day and night. Hālāwai means both "horizon" and "meeting," capturing balance and harmony. The print tells the moʻolelo of Maui snaring the sun, giving time for kapa to dry and work to get done.

      The Hālāwai collection design shows the sun chasing the moon across the horizon. Beautiful ʻohe kāpala motifs add texture and depth. Each piece in the collection reflects this dynamic dance, bringing a sense of calm and connection to your space.

      Available in various colors and products, the Hālāwai collection transforms your home. Add a touch of Hawaiian elegance to any room. Embrace the beauty of the horizon and the stories of Hawaii with Hālāwai.

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