From Hawaiʻi's skies to your home, introducing Leihōkū:

Hawaiian Airlines Collaboration

NOHO HOME X Hawaiian Airlines


NOHO HOME by Jalene Kanani is proud to partner with Hawaiian Airlines with the Leihōkū collection.

Born from the desire to create a sense of place and connection to home, Leihōkū offers kamaʻāina (Hawaiʻi residents) and visitors alike a unique and luxurious flying experience exclusive to Hawaiian Airlinesʻ onboard guests.

Written in the Stars

A Luxury Travel Experience

The Leihōkū collection was designed to complement the elegant aesthetic and experience aboard Hawaiian Airlines newest Boeing 787 luxury dreamliner.

Through the use of artful pattern, color, and textures, woven with Native Hawaiian intelligence and cultural storytelling, Jalene Kanani reimagines the island home aesthetic, rooted in aloha.

Collection Overview

Culture & Innovation

The Leihōkū collection of products are inspired by the Hawaiian concept of kilo, or careful and constant observation that celebrates innovative practices informed by indigenous knowledge.

Leihōkū also highlights the narrative of travel and flight through the patterns, colors, designs, and textures unique to Hawaiʻi's biodiversity and habitat.

Explore the three iconic NOHO HOME prints of the Leihōkū collection -- Kilo Hōkū, Lele, and Ōlali.

Kilo Hōkū

Kilo Hōkū, the stargazer-inspired design that captures star trails formed by the earth's rotation, igniting a longing for travel, exploration, and knowledge.

Embrace the timeless beauty of the cosmos as we draw inspiration from the story of Hōkūleʻa and the art of celestial navigation, guiding you on a journey that connects you to home.


Lele, meaning "to fly or leap" in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) celebrates the marvel of flight and the spirit of adventure.

Embark on a transformative journey of voyaging, where ancient traditions meet modern exploration.

Our symbolic print pays homage to our ancestors who, with kilo (careful observation), embraced the winds and currents of innovation that inform modern day travel.


Unlock the spirit of seamless exploration with ʻŌlali, a captivating design that echoes the graceful gliding of dolphins and the dancing wind through canoe sails.

Inspired by the majestic beauty of shark fins and whale tails, our organic triangular patterns embody the ebb and flow of nature, inviting you on a journey to unexplored horizons.

Dream of the Stars

Kilo Hōkū Bedding Collection

Rich in color with a beautiful backstory, our Kilo Hōkū Bed Set captures the beauty of the night sky through prints and colors inspired by the cosmos.

Kilo Hōkū Comforter

Embrace and celebrate the art of celestial navigation with our soft and cool Kilo Hoku Comforter.


Kilo Hōkū Euro Sham Set

Inspired by an evening star fall, our Kilo Hōkū euro sham set is designed to effortlessly complement our Kilo Hōkū Comforter.


Batik Luxury Sheet Set

The ultimate in bedroom chic, our white-on-white Batik Luxury Sheet Set will have you drifting into a restful slumber.


ʻAkahi Square Pillowcase - Ocean & Orange

Complementary hues of orange and ocean blue give our ʻAkahi Square Pillowcase a vibrant palette for Kilo Hōkū's bright design scheme.


Batik Lumbar Pillowcase - Orange

Add a splash of orange with our Batik Lumbar Pillowcase for a bold and exciting decor accent.


Kapua Kai Square Pillowcase - Ocean

Cool ocean blue tones make this Kapua Kai Pillowcase an easy addition to our gorgeous new Kilo Hoku Bed Set.


Asleep in the Clouds

Lele Bedding Collection

A decor theme inspired by the the open skies and soaring heights. Light and airy, our Lele Bed Set will have you feeling like you're floating on a cloud.

Lele Comforter

Transform your bedroom space with our elegant 100% combed cotton sateen Lele comforter.


Lele Euro Sham Set

The embodiment of sophistication, our Lele Euro Sham Set is gorgeously detailed with its unique motif placement.


Batik Luxury Sheet Set

The ultimate in bedroom chic, our white-on-white Batik Luxury Sheet Set will have you drifting into a restful slumber.


ʻAkahi Square Pillowcase - Taupe & Mint

Our ʻAkahi Square Pillowcase in Taupe & Mint is the perfect complement and foundation to build a decor theme.


Uluhe Lumbar Pillowcase - Mint

Add an Uluhe Lumbar Pillowcase in Mint to your space for a beautiful accent piece that pairs effortlessly with our Lele Bed Set.


Niho Medallion Square Pillowcase - Taupe & Mint

Get that classic NOHO HOME look by adding a Niho Medallion Square Pillowcase in the color Taupe & Mint to your Lele Bed Set.


Jetset Wanderlust

Travel Accessories

Never leave home without your favorite Leihōkū travel accessories.

Lele Travel Blanket

Elevate your flight experience and indulge in comfort, color, and style at 30,000 feet with our Lele InFlight ComfortHue Travel Blanket.


Kilo Hōkū Travel Wrap

Chic and lightweight, our gorgeous pashmina Travel Wrap is a must-have luxury accessory that exudes #StyleWithAloha.


Luggage Tags & Luggage Straps

Never lose track of your belongings with our durable and eye-catching Kilo Hōkū & Lele Luggage Tags and Luggage Straps.


Travel Towel

Stay dry and ready for a sunny beach or pool day in paradise with our Kilo Hōkū reversible microfiber travel towel.


Wine. Dine. Shine.

Kitchen + Dining

Shop our collection of elegant dining linens and kitchen accessories.

Lele Table Runner

Add a touch of sophistication to your tabletop with our Lele Table Runner.


Lele Dining Napkin Set

Elevate your dining experience with our Lele Dining Napkin Set. Set includes 2 dining napkins.


Lele Dining Placemat Set

Set your table with our ultra-chic Lele Dining Placemat Set for an unforgettable dining experience. Set includes 2 dining placemats.


Wooden Chopstick Sets

Add the finishing touches to your elegant tropical tablescape with our set of reusable sandalwood chopsticks. Includes 10 chopsticks.


Reusable Cloth Set

Perfect for all of lifes little messes, our island-inspired cleaning cloths are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. Set includes 3 reusable cleaning cloths.


Share Style with Aloha

Decor Essentials

Essential soft goods for the style-conscious decor enthusiast.

ʻŌlali Square Pillowcase

Showcase your love of travel and adventurous spirit with our Ōlali Square Pillowcase.


Lele Lumbar Pillowcase

Brightly colored and full of movement, our Lele Lumbar Pillowcases add a pop of color to any space. Available in 3 colors.


Kilo Hoku Shower Curtain

Level up your bathroom appeal with our elegant Kilo Hoku Shower Curtain.


Art Prints

Add a touch of island sophistication to your home space with our gorgeous Kilo Hōkū and Lele Artwork pieces.


Room Spray

Capture the iconic and alluring scent of Hawaiʻi florals with our set of fragrant room sprays. Set includes 1 bottle each of our three fragrances -- Puakenikeni, Pīkake, and Gardenia.