How it Works

  • We will provide you one (1) unique discount code for 10% OFF all purchases on
  • Share your discount code and #StyleWithAloha with your audience and promote NOHO HOME by Jalene Kanani.
  • Your payout will be made 30 days after each purchase made through your discount code to account for the possibility of returns/refunds.

Get started in 4 easy steps...

Step 1

Apply by entering your information into our affilate dashboard at the link below.


Step 2

If approved, a NOHO HOME team member will approve your account and provide access to your Affiliate Dashboard.

Step 3

Using your Affiliate Dashboard, set-up your Paypal account information so we have somewhere to deposit your funds.

Step 4

A NOHO HOME team member will reach out to help you create your discount code and select your NOHO HOME starter box of product!


  • We expect that all content will showcase the product properly and provide a clear call-to-action for followers to engage.
  • We expect the Affiliate to tag NOHO HOME's official account @nohohome, and use the hashtag #StyleWithAloha on the Affiliates various platforms.
  • We expect that there to be a mix of content with and without your discount code. We would love to share your content (without discount codes) with our audience to bring you additional followers!
  • We expect our affiliates to have fun and enjoy our products!


  • We recommend posting often and in a regular cadence to keep NOHO HOME at the top of your followers minds.
  • We recommend periodic video and/or live engagement to persuade followers to purchase.
  • We recommend a healthy mix of reels, posts, and stories to add variety to your content creation.

More Important Details

  • As an Affiliate, you are agreeing to receive product from NOHO HOME in exchange for content and promotion to your audience.
  • You will be issued a starter box of NOHO HOME product -- its value and contents will be determined by the NOHO HOME team. We are open to accomodating you with personal choices as best we can!
  • If approved, it is understood and agreed that the Affiliate is subject to a 3 month probationary period in which NOHO HOME, in absolute discretion, may terminate the Affiliate relationship for any reason, with or without notice or cause.

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