Coastal Placemats With Hawaiian Prints in Green Set on a Wood Dining Table With Plates and Utensils

Coastal Placemats


      Upgrade Your Dining Table Experience With Hawaiian Coastal Placemats

      Dress your table in authentic Hawaiian charm with our unique coastal placemats. Each coastal placemats set, a duo of 14" x 19" island-inspired elegance. Specifically, these high-quality table placements bring the spirit of Hawaiʻi to your dining experience. Dive into the depths of native inspired creativity with coastal placemats designed and crafted by passionate Hawaiian artists.

      Crafted from 100% stain and soil release fabric, our durable coastal placemats effortlessly blend style with practicality. The fabric's resilience mirrors the enduring resolve of the local Hawaiian people. Most importantly, colorful designs ensure your table stays as vibrant as Hawaiʻi's culture that inspired these creations. Whether it is a family meal or a festive gathering, coastal placemats evoke the warmth and authenticity of Hawaiʻi in every setting.

      Designed and made on the west side of Oʻahu, coastal placemats bring forth a unique blend of tradition and contemporary design. Machine washable for convenience or hand washable, coastal placemats bring tropical luxury into your daily life. Elevate your table with coastal placemats that connect your next dining experience to the soul of the islands.

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