Hawaii Candles Floral Scented Three Candles with Tree Bark and Leaves

Hawaiʻi Candles


      Hawaiʻi Scented Candles Blend Culture and Authenticity

      Transform your space and bring Hawaiʻi’s essence home with our Hawaiʻi candles collection. Specifically, our Puakenikeni, Gardenia, and Pīkake candles embody island elegance and luxury. Crafted with Hawai’i's spirit, these Hawaiʻi candles radiate authenticity. Most importantly, our scented Hawaiʻi candles are designed on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi by local Hawaiians.

      We invite you to illuminate your space with the essence of Hawaiian heritage. Each 100% soy wax candle promises hours of captivating, cultural ambiance. Wherever you are, Hawaiʻi candles will spiritually send you and your guests to the islands.

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