Cleaning Cloths Shown With Blue and Green Hawaiian Prints on a Marble Background

Cleaning Cloths


      Kuleana Cleanup With Hawaiian Cleaning Cloths Infused with Sustainability

      Immerse yourself in the joy of sustainable living with our collection of Hawaiian-inspired cleaning cloths. Designed in the heart of Hawaiʻi, each cloth radiates the spirit of aloha while delivering exceptional functionality. These reusable gems, presented in sets of three unique cleaning cloths, redefine the way you approach cleaning. Most importantly, they are crafted with 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. Cleaning cloths align with NOHO HOME's commitment to environmental responsibility.

      Our cleaning cloths boast remarkable absorbency, capable of soaking up to fifteen times their weight in liquid. As an ode to sustainability, these cleaning cloths are machine washable and dishwasher safe. Whether you are tackling spills in the kitchen or wiping down surfaces, reusable cleaning cloths prove to be efficient companions. Additionally, their quick-drying nature inhibits bacteria growth, ensuring a hygienic and eco-friendly cleaning experience.

      Made with renewable resources, our reusable cleaning cloths contribute to a cleaner planet without compromising on style. The vibrant Hawaiian designs echo the natural beauty of the islands. This allows you to infuse your daily chores with a touch of Hawaiian paradise. Embrace style, sustainability, and practicality as you make a conscious choice for greener, cleaner cleaning cloths.

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