Wrapping Paper Collection

NOHO HOME 2020 Wrapping Paper Collection


Four island-inspired designs to share your #StyleWithAloha with friends and loved ones this holiday season!


Our luxury gift wrap is 
100% recyclable and each package includes 5 tags to complete any gift-giving experience.


'AKAHI design - graphically reinterpreted to evoke the essence of the Hawaiian barkcloth tradition of handmade kapa.


LAUA'E design -  represents growth and abundance, captured in the architectural and rhythmic patterns formed by it's wild-growing fronds.


'AKAHI & LAUA'E Wrapping Paper - $12.95 - SHOP NOW


LOULU design -  adapting it from its literal state into a stylized graphic to bring strong visual elements of nature into the home.


KAPA HOU design - the beautiful chevron patterns seen in traditional Hawaiian kapa designs, reinterpreted with a subtle, contemporary flair.


LOULU & KAPA HOU Wrapping Paper - $12.95 - SHOP NOW


NOHO HOME 2020 Wrapping Paper Collection