Closeup of the Peʻa Hawaiian design Shown in Blue Green

The Peʻa Collection


      The Peʻa Collection Is Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

      Introducing the Peʻa collection, where traditional Hawaiian motifs meet modern aesthetics. Peʻa, meaning "cross," incorporates this shape in its purest form. Inspired by the ʻōpeʻapeʻa, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat, the Peʻa print blends nature and Indigenous wisdom. Each piece tells a story of connection and heritage.

      The Peʻa print layers neutral crosses against vibrant accents create a dynamic, textured scene. Additionally, crafted using ʻohe kāpala, or bamboo stamp, the design adds depth and richness. Peʻa's unique look enhances any room, offering a touch of tropical sophistication.

      Available in diverse colors and décor products, the Peʻa collection transforms any space into a sophisticated island experience. Elevate your space with Peʻa's novel, authentic design. Most importantly, embrace cultural sensibility and modern elegance and feel the connection to Hawaii's beauty and traditions.

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