100% Hand Tufted Wool

"Hand-tufting" is a production technique used on area rugs where the weaver pulls 100% wool fibers through a thick canvas base with a special tool called a tufting gun.

The rug design is drawn on the underside of the canvas which the weaver "tufts" to fill in the design with colored fibers.

The hand-tufting process offers highly customizable production on projects where precision, scale, and time are of the essence.

Looped or Cut?

Looped pile construction features fiber tufts that come up and back down through a carpet base, creating an uninterrupted fiber loop.

Cut pile carpets are constructed in the same way as looped carpets except that the loops are then cut with shears, exposing the raw ends of the fiber to create a softer, fluffier look.

At NOHO HOME, we offer both types of pile area rugs, and even some utilizing a combination of both techniques!

Sizes, Usage, & Care

We currently offer three area rug sizes:

5ft. x 8ft.

6ft. x 9ft.

8ft. x 10ft.

We recommend vaccuuming and rotating your area rug regularly to prevent uneven wear patterns from foot traffic and sunlight exposure.

We also reccomend only using solvents and cleaners appropriate for wool rugs.

NOTE: Fiber shedding is very common in the first few months after purchasing a hand-tufted rug. Shedding will eventually dissapate after regular vaccuming.

Explore our collection of area rugs...

  • Halawai Area Rug

    The Halawai print tells the moʻolelo (story)of Maui snaring the sun and allowing enough time for kapa to dry and the work to get done.

    Halawai translates to "horizon" as well as "meeting", which are perfect sentiments to share with ʻohana as you connect over this statement piece.

  • ʻAkahi Area Rug

    ʻAkahi was inspired by the Hawaiian barkcloth tradition of handmade kapa which is adorned with patterns created by ʻohe kāpala (bamboo stamps).

    It's name speaks to the primal connection between Hawaiian and first nations' cultures and the design aesthetics they share.

  • Loulu Area Rug

    The Loulu pattern showcases the natural beauty of Hawaiʻi's only indigenous palm, the Loulu.

    This native plant is distinguished by its fanlike shape and rigid, pleated leaves that are adapted into a bold, stylized graphic that brings strong elements of nature into the home.


Pay in 4 easy installments.

An area rug is an investment. We've made it easy by allowing you to pay in 4 easy installments over the course of 8 weeks.