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Rose Gold Wick Trimmer

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Our stainless steel Rose Gold Wick Trimmer is the perfect add-on to your candle burning regimen that will help you enjoy your NOHO HOME candle experience to the fullest.


Benefits of using a Wick Trimmer:

Trim your NOHO HOME candle wicks before each use to ensure a cleaner burn with less smoke. Trimmed wicks also enhance fragrance diffusion and regulate flame heights safely to provide maximized burn times. Cleaner glass and wax reservoirs allow more light to shine through and make clean-up easier when repurposing your candle vessel!


How to use a Wick Trimmer:

  • Place the trimmer inside rim of the jar with blade parallel to the cooled wax.
  • Trim the wick to a height of 4 - 5 millimeters before lighting.
  • Dispose of the wick debris.
  • Enjoy your scented soy candle!


Dimensions, Usage & Care:

  • 7" stainless steel construction.
  • Rose gold color plating.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Top reservoir prevents wick trimmings from entering candle wax.
  • Sharp blades close flush, for a clean trim.
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